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Bad Vista!

Being hit by the ‘Wake up call bug’…

Lately Vista x32 has been acting like the bitch queen from hell on my PC, there is just no reasoning with it at all because it does what it wants regardless of your needs. When the OS (Operating System) works it is a dream to use but when it doesn’t it becomes rather irritating. To the point where I’m actually thinking about the damn thing even though I’m at the dinner table with my girlfriend – in a resteraunt. She’s thinking about future things and I’m thinking about how to get more speed out of the OS…

Over the weekend I decided to reinstall Vista in preparation for Service Pack 1 due later this month. At the same time I decided to dedicate a hard disk to XP and dual boot between the two OS’s, mainly so I could play older games, which don’t like Vista. Upon installing XP, the setup utility would crash after it had pre-loaded some XP bits on to my system, this was rather puzzling. I performed a full chkdsk /f which took a solid 2hrs, much to my annoyance.

PC Upgrade! (away I shall be)

More Power!

I’ll possibly be away for a few days while I do a total rebuild on this PC, which is an ancient beastie. To be honest I don’t need to build a new rig, but given that Windows Vista arrives towards the end of January, I do want my machine to handle this bloated behemoth of an Operating System (OS). I’d roughly guess that about 90% of PC users who want this OS will end up doing a rebuild of their machine.

It’s slightly absurd that an OS should require so much resource power just to bloody run, but that’s just typical Microsoft. I’m going to stick to XP for as long as I can though, because I’ll be buggered if I’m paying £220 for the Home Premium Edition, I’ll wait for a price drop. I’m not too clear on the upgrade version yet as the info is a bit clouded. So this Friday 5th, my new PC parts will arrive along with XP Media Center 2005. Hopefully everything should go well, because I’ve got a heap of reviews needing checking.

I’ve lost the will to live

While Taz’s ISP is down, she can’t reply to this, let alone read it! So let me state that today she admitted to actually enjoying loving listening to the new Paris Hilton tune! (prefer her videos to be honest) Oh how I’ll mock you for weeks upon end now woman! I thought I was bad being a fan of Phil Collins…

Last night I underwent what can only be described as a stressful 2hrs. I decided to run a Chkdsk (disk scan) on my PC’s hard disk, something I’d not done in a while. Now things were going well, until Chkdsk reported a colossal problem on the partition that Windows XP itself resides on. Without any intervention, the bugger decided to ‘fix’ the problem itself resulting in my entire windows partition rendered almost completely unusable. Sometimes I wish I actually used ghost to backup my data but I prefer to install stuff the manual way.

I ended up doing one of the fastest XP reinstalls I’ve ever done, and now have most of my apps restored, as well as my hardware devices up and running too. I’m quite lucky I didn’t actually lose any critical data because I keep them on a separate partition. It’s quite disconcerting to see such an important utility like Chkdsk do its scan, with the user not knowing weather his/her system will be usable after it’s finished it’s dirty work. Anyway, my PC is back up and running now. I’ve just got minor applications to install over the next few days.

I tell you, just a few hours without Internet access was quite a frightening prospect for me. Not having access to my email, this blog, MSN, IRC, online banking, online billing as well as the various forums I read on a daily basis left me very empty and somewhat lost. Moral of this story? Back up yer sodding data and avoid blonde bimbo’s!

A Look At Windows Vista

Set to ship roughly towards the start of 2007, Windows Vista will be Microsoft’s first major operating system release since introducing Windows XP in 2001. The new Windows Vista operating system offers a shiny new user interface, better security, improved data organization, and and a stupidly over the top but new look that is the Aero Theme, which gives your desktop a glass like look. It’s all very neat, but somewhat intensive on the user’s graphics card – so if you have an old machine (older then 2yrs) then you’re bang out of luck 😥


Anyway, Jake over at http://spikex.net/blog/ has a small but informative preview on Beta build 5308 of Vista. It’s a good read!