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10 Uses for an unwanted England Flag

Use the large ones as a tablecloth!

After England’s departure from the World cup, there are now millions of St.Georges flags out there which will no doubt be either trashed, torn to pieces, jumped up and down on by angry fans or just tucked away neatly for the Euro 2008 qualifiers which begin later this year.

The BBC have collated idea’s from its readers on exactly what fans could do with all those unwanted flags. I read it this morning and found it quite hilarious anyway, it certainly gave me a smile first thing in the morning!

10 Uses for an unwanted England Flag

England Crash Out On Penalties Again

We’ve been here before haven’t we?

The whole nation right now is feeling down in the gutter after witnessing one of the most nail biting performances that this world cup could have produced. Portugal were the opposition, managed by Luiz Scolari an old nemesis to the England squad.

To sum things up, England outplayed them to some extent but couldn’t get the ball in the net. Tactics were poor throughout the tournament thanks to our manager Sven-Goran Eriksson. Having one player, the awesome young Wayne Rooney upfront was a crucial mistake. If you’re to have a player up front going solo, feed him with a supply of good passes for crying out loud. He looked so alone and confused out there which will no doubt lead to frustration later on.

Frank Lampard missed a host of chances, which is what he’s done throughout the entire tournament so far, he’s been a total waste of space. The team fell apart after Wayne Rooney was sent off after some nice instigation from fellow Man Utd team mate Christiano Ronaldo who had no right coming up to the ref to interfere the way he did when his team mate was tackled – he knew

What a week!

High! Not updated things in a while, mostly due to being occupied with the World Cup taking up almost all my time, as well as me about to become an uncle, along with work/promotion matters getting in my way. This week has been more then hectic!

The Uk has been gripped by World Cup fever, as has every other country I can surmise, except England, despite having a good team on paper just haven’t gelled together as well as everyone had hoped. So far they’ve yet to put on a solid performance to raise everyone’s spirits over here. The pathetic recent second half performance against Sweden which saw them pile 3mins of solid pressure during the last few minutes of the game showed how poor and disorganised the England squad were as they let in a goal to bring the game into a 2-2 draw. To add to the misery someone stole the two St.Georges flags on my fathers new car so he’s angry…very angry, infact you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.