Wonderful Contemporary Apartment with Captivating Monolithic Block

A contemporary design is the favorite one that you can get in anapartment design. You can get a very endearing looking house by having a contemporary house design on it. You can see a splendid idea in this apartment design, which located in Castrovillari, Italy. The simple monolithic design for the interior seems to be a very special stuff on it.

The alphabet wallpaper that surrounds the house seems to be a very good stuff that you can get. The white scheme of the indoor design will make a spacious nuance on it. Yet, the black alphabet of the wallpaper will accentuate the design for more. You can also see a wooden flooring on it. Alongside with some wooden accents on the room, it creates a beautiful accent within a room.

The kitchen and dining room, which separate by a big monolithic block on it, will make the design even more splendid. You can see there is a hole between it in which you can peek from a room to another. Some hanging pendant lamps above the dining room will be a very good choice that you can get for it. With the open plan, it makes the living room feel more comfortable too.

Due to the monolithic block on it, you can see a narrow kitchen design here. Even though it has a narrow space, but you can get a comfortable space on it. The wooden flooring on it seems to be a good choice as well. You can also see a lot of sleek surface within the furniture on it which means it has a modern design on it.

This apartment design seems to be a very good choice that you can get. The contemporary design with some modern aesthetic on it seems to be a very interesting choice that you can get. Moreover, there is a monolithic block that makes the apartment design more unique.

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