Wonderful Contemporary Home Design in Seattle

If you love a contemporary home design, you need to take a look at this Private Capitol Hill which located in Seattle, Washington. The extraordinary design of it will be a very unique and awesome thing that you need to know. Designed by Balance Associates Architects, you can see a very splendid looking house with a good looking exterior on it.

The sophisticated design that displayed within the exterior will be a very good thing that you need to know. There are a lot of solar panels on it that would make an efficient cost of electricity usage. The grey concrete exterior with some wooden boards on it seem to be an endearing combination on it. You can also see, there are some glass frames within the wooden board that make the design more splendid.

Meanwhile, for the interior, you can see a very design on it. The contemporary design with some modern aesthetic seem to be a good option for it. The angular design with some glass frames inside the house will be a very good choice that you can get. With some modern furniture on it, this home design looks perfect.

In the other hand, you can see a beautiful scenery form the bedroom that located in the top floor. Many glass frames on it will allow you to see beautiful scenery on it. Meanwhile, for the bathroom, you can see a small space bathroom, which looks so sophisticated. It could be a good choice for those who want to design a small bathroom.

The unique design of the house makes this house worth it. However, you can also see that this house also have some natural materials for accents. The angular design and some modern furniture on it will be a very good choice for sure. Therefore, this house becomes an endearing choice for you.

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